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Angry Woman - do the voice!

Last night I recorded a really mean angry female character and I found it really hard to get into her head space. Those of you who know me know I am incredibly laid back, it's very hard to anger me, and on those rare occasions I am, I never ever shout.

Don't get me wrong, I love an evil character, a really Maleficent is my favorite, cool, sarcastic, controlled, voice articulated and ab-so-lute-ly dripping with venom.

But this character is such a Karen - middle management, way out of her depth, trying to prove a point, and failing - so really stressed out. I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't so needlessly beastly to the other characters. To me the best quality a human can possess is kindness, and this character, in this situation is so mean. Maybe she rescues orphaned ducklings in her spare time, but I wouldn't know.

So to get into her role was a real struggle - luckily I was being directed by Will M Watt... to say he's a gifted director is to do him a disservice. He had me panting, growling, flexing all my muscles until they ached, clenching my teeth, to get the sound right. Even little bits of spittle flew out as I performed my lines. I hoped that all the screaming and shouting would make me feel good, but much as I was thrilled with the result, I don't think I'll be raising my voice in anger personally any time soon. And I am sure my neighbors were extremely grateful for the sound insulation of my studio!

How do you get yourself all worked up to spit those cruel lines if you also don't have life experience of being a stressed out meanie?

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