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Naked Voice Over must be a thing...right? Right?

It is June in Iceland, trust me I don't expect your sympathy when its hitting 42°c (107°f) in the USA, but 10°c (50°f) seems very warm here when you are used to freezing northern winds.

- July and August are round the corner, but I am already sweltering in my studio!

I prefer to record at night, not because Reykjavik is loud - once I saw a police car put on it's siren and people literally poured out of shops to come and have a really good look at what was going on! But because I can get in the zone, I can't just nip to the shop or the post office, I don't need to stop to cook dinner, I can fully immerse myself in a story line or a character, depending on what I am doing. It is also when I write best!

Even so, after about the first hour I'm having to stop and waft a load of cool air in with me! I suppose it is good to take a break whilst recording, but I would love a climate controlled booth right now! As much of my gear is outside the booth as possible, I like my space minimal, and obviously electrics heat up. I've heard of silent fans...but are they really silent? Is it worth investing in one to really ice up the air when I have a break?

My current strategy involves a hot water bottle of ice, I hold my bare feet on it as long as possible and I can literally feel the cooled blood running back up my legs. I've tried a freezer gel bag across the shoulders, but it always seems to fall off at the most inconvenient time! Too distracting.

As for clothing, well, I live with two other women so full nudity is sadly out, but they have become used to me walking into "Narnia" (The entrance to my studio is hidden by winter coats) in shorts and a bikini. Tropical!

Do you have any bright ideas for staying cool in your studio?

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